100% Substitute Progressive Cavity Pump NETZSCH Stator NM015, NM021, NM031, NM038 NETZSCH Rotor Stator

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Basic Info.

NM038/NM063/NM076/NM090 Model NO
 Single Suction  Screw Suction Method
 No Leak  Performance
 Single Screw Pump  Screw Number
 Horizontal  Pump Shaft Position
 Oil & Gas  Application
 Iran  Origin



Raybad Energy Pazh Company is the first manufacturer of knowledge-based types of single--screw pumps and multi-screw pumps with the PAZH brand in Iran. The company operates in the field of engineering, design and construction of single-screw and multi-screw pumps in various oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, and food and power plants and water and wastewater treatment industries. The company with a valuable treasure of all types of molds and dimensions of sensitive parts of various types of pumps, European brands such as NETZSCH, SEEPEX, INOXPA, ALLWEILER, PCM, CSF,… the possibility of producing the required parts of customer pumps based on the original part number And has under its guarantee. All products of this company and custom production parts are tested and delivered in the equipped laboratory of this company, which is for testing pumps according to international standards.

Screw Pump Rotor 

Rotor is made of stainless steel, normally use 304 SS, which can be applied on food. Sometimes surface treament is available to assure bright and smooth surface. It is designed with the features of wear-and corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Screw Pump Stator

  1. Stator is made of rubber, and the rubber is chosen according to the application of screw pump. Now we have NBR, SBR,HNBR, EPDM, FKM rubber etc. to choose.
  2. The stator is one of the main wear parts of single screw pump. The stator will be worn because of the solid composition, pressure and viscosity of the conveying medium and the rotation of the rotor.
  3. Stator inlet with hopper-shaped opening for improved feed of the product into the conveying chamber.
  4. Coordination of rotor and stator is the main performance parameters of the pump and it's better to use with rotor and stator together.

Coupling Rod

Other spare parts (Drive shaft, SM-pin joint seal, mechanical seal, steel sheath, etc)

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